Friday, November 4, 2016

ARTE LAND Austin Texas

Research, Creativity,
Using Nature For Beauty,
Using Art With Nature Naturally,
Welcome to Arte land Project in Austin,
The Purpose is Simple, Improve Texas Habitats,
Improve With Beauty, Without Killing, Without Harm,
Without Fertilizers, Without Pesticides, Using the Elements:
Arte Land was Born in 2011  With Miniature Forests,
The Following is a Gallery of Photos of Arte Land,
From The Beginning on 2011 To Now 2016,
Patience is required! and lots of works,
Welcome to the Inside of Arte Land,
A Project to Improve Habitats,
With Art and With Love,
This Are The Works,


SHAPING THE LAND WITH TREE BRANCHES, they will retain the soil and work as fertilizer, creating beauty and protection for the trees

Agriculture in a Box, 1 Year old Boxes

Elm Miniature forest From Above, Hundreds of Living Trees Three Years Old

Bald Cypress Miniature Forest, Two Years Old

Furniture Recycle! Return The Wood to the Land,

2012-1013 Works, Cutting the lower branches to improve growth of the tree, use the branches as soil retention to prevent erosion, Protect the tree and also as shelter for some species.

One year after the works, the branches place in the soil begin to flatten and decompose for slow release natural fertilizer, retains seeds and soil, throwing some wildflowers seeds inside...

Mega Production, each box is an experiment, with different trees or plants, different soil, different sun exposure. Agriculture in a Box, This research will change agriculture worldwide.

 Mix of Boxes, circa 2011 to 2015
2013 Works

Three Year Old Elm Forest From Above

Ecosfere, using scale animals for dimensions

Ecosfere with New Trees, 100% Carefree

Two Year Old Ecosfere with Living Moss

Happy Cows! Ecosfere 100% Carefree

Elm Forest From Above

Arte Land 2015, Grass, Trees are growing around the agriculture boxes 

Cedar Ashei Branch Shaping, without killing the tree, semi cut the branches and new growth will be shaped into bonsais

Furniture and Aquariums with Miniature Forests Inside,
This one with a Mountain inside! Living Mountains For Apartments!

Large Ecosfere, Miniature Forest of Bald Cypress

The Mountain inside an Ecosfere surrounded with a Miniature forest of Bald Cypress. In a year or two, will begin to grow lichens and moss in the mountain

Different angle of the Mountain and Forest

Ecosfere with living Forest inside, Forest is Three years old, repotted to this Ecosfere three months ago

The Mountain with the Bald Cypress Forest at an early stage

A Miniature Forest of Three Years Old

Miniature Forest of Bald Cypress


Miniature Forest of Elms

Miniature Forest For Fall Colors
Texas Lilac Miniature forest, Beautiful Smell!

Older Bald Cypress Miniature Forest

Over one Hundred Experiments!

Bald Cypress Miniature Forest, How Many Trees You Count

Another Section of Arte Land

And Another

This is How they Look Inside
Hope You Like the Gallery of Photos of Arte Land. Unique in the World, Weird! Austin Texas Agriculture For Beauty, Survival and a way to reforest the planet fast, cheap and fun.
Share this blog, for after all, all these works are made for you all, with love and forever.
Dapacu Your Host
ARTE LAND ATX FARM  All Rights Reserved.
PS: Around 1000 seeds of Madrones were planted on 2015, maybe 30 will survive! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Gallery Museum by Dapacu

Gallery Museum Art
Welcome to Gallery Museum Art, simply the name of the exhibit I am about to show you;
The Exhibit Title is "Gallery Museum" to present Multidimensional Art by Dapacu Artist, including Multidimensional Painting, Multidimensional Forests,  multidimensional Nature including Ecosferes.
The Multidimensional Art of Dapacu was created many many years ago, in early 90's. Today the Art has evolved including nature and Miniature forests of Thousands of Living Trees per square yard , now growing at Arte.Land in Austin Texas as well as a Virtual World at ATX.Lease applying Multidimensional world into the virtual internet.
Gallery Museum Exhibit Show, presents Ecosferes by Dapacu
Ecosferes are Living worlds, completely sealed creating a habitat of its own. 100% Carefree
The idea was born with a painting made around 1995 "The Last Forest" Oil on canvas by Dapacu Artist, as a result of the devastation the forest have suffered on a daily basis, and as a cure to reforest the planet by all the people who live in it, with the simple requirements of: Must be cheap or free, must occupy a tiny space for anyone to be able to make them, must be pretty and decorative


The first Photo is a large Ecosfere with a Living Forest of Bald Cypress in a Large Aquarium, Around two years old, carefree. The Second photo is also made of Bald Cypress around Two Months old made out of cuttings of Bald Cypress. Third Photo, Ecosfere with cows to create the dimensions
This is how arte land looks like on 2016, Austin Texas easy access by ATX.FARM or ARTE.LAND
Growing the Future forests of the Land, with over one million trees ready to be replanted soon.
Since 2011, Dapacu has worked daily shaping the land to plant the miniature forests and research on sealed living worlds, including one box can reforest over 10 acres of land with trees.
Agriculture will be changed forever in this way, without the need of pesticides, water, fertilizers or care, this innovative way of growing is the multidimensional way of nature protected from the devastation of humans, in a cheap and fun way! Created by Dapacu Artist
Then, after some time, to be exact seven years in this case, the miniature forest may look like this:
Liquidambar Miniature  Forest
Elm Forest, Three years old 2011-2013
Dapacu Artist was first a Painter, known for his Multidimensional Art
This is an example of a zoom of a painting by Dapacu Artist
"Follow the Paths, Follow the Patterns" and discover the dimensions hidden within.
One shape creates a larger one, or is many small ones, each person will see something different
See More at Dapacu.Com or Buy the Famous painting at AustinArte.Com 
On 2016, Dapacu Artist begins works with Waterbeads, also in Austin Texas at Arte Land

Waterbeads are an excellent growing medium
Now Dapacu plans to make a Mix, Painting, Miniature Forest and waterbeads! Soon
Dapacu has now created:
Living walls are the Ecosferes made into large living walls, care free

Finally, in this Exhibit Gallery Museum Show, we show you some other works by Dapacu Artist at Arte.Land Austin Texas. Enjoy and have a Great Day, Great Month and Great Year for a Great Life!

by Dapacu Artist Austin Texas 2016
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A new Multidimensional way of Writing!